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Artist... Learn To Draw People Like A Master Now!
learn to draw people and bring your drawings to life now
"Watch Over My Shoulder As I Show You Step By Step How To
Unlock Your True Potential
And Achieve Your Dreams Of Becoming A Master Artist -- Without Going Through Years Of Trials And Error...”
    If You Are Serious About Becoming A Better Artist,
Then I Strongly Recommend This Course.
  David Brown's Portrait Drawing      
    Hi Taylor

Thanks so much for the support and inspiration you have given me. I have only been drawing for a couple of months now and know I have a long way to go. But this course has clearly shown me the techniques and skills that I need to practise to become the artist I want to be.

As I have heard you say before, you can never become a better artist without practising, but this course has shown me how to practise. So take my advice if you are serious about becoming a better artist, then I strongly recommend this course.

Thanks again
Amanda White – Brisbane, Australia
  My SECRET That Practically Guarantees Your Drawings Are In Proportion
First Time, Every Time!
  What You Must NEVER Do When Drawing Portraits…
Get This Wrong And Your Drawings Will Look Flat And Lifeless!
  Learn The 3 SIMPLE KEYS To Drawing Noses… But Be Warned...
Get This Tiny Detail Wrong And You Will Literally Spoil Your Entire Drawing!
  Discover The 5 Most Common Mistakes Artist Make When Drawing Eyes…
And How To Avoid Them ALL!
  How to "Analyze" and "Draw" REALISTIC Expressions...
Know This And You Will Avoid All The Mistakes That Amateur Artists Make!
  Plus- The Most Powerful Hair Technique....
Discover How I Creating Realistic Hair In Minutes Instead Of Hours!
Dear Fellow Artist and Drawing Enthusiast  
  Have you have ever DREAMED of Drawing Portraits that Captivate your audience's attention?
  Have You Ever Looked at Others Drawing and Secretly Wished You Could Draw Like That?…
  Have You Ever Wanted to be RESPECTED For Your Art?
  Then Then Is the Most Important Message You Will Ever Read. Here’s Why...
  My name is Taylor Roy and for the last 7 years I’ve been a professional artist. And have taught
hundreds of students to draw as well…

But before that I wasn’t so lucky…
  In fact I spent many years struggling to draw portraits. Struggling to create art that I
could be proud of…

I still remember the first portrait that I drew back in 1993, before I had discovered the techniques
I know today…

I remember thinking it was very nice, and taking it to show my friends - But they just laughed at me
and told me to give up!

  My Friend Took One Look At My Work And Told Me To Give Up!
  And when I looked at their drawings I thought they could be right.

No matter how hard I tried. My drawings always looked twisted and out of proportion. But when I looked
at their drawings, they looked Clean and Easy. Their eyes had a Sparkle, a Life about them that drew you
into their drawings.
  I Wanted So Desperately Draw Like That!...
  So one day I convinced them to sit down and teach me. I watched Spell Bound as their hand flew across
the page, and a Beautiful Portrait came to Life...

That when I then discovered the second truth about drawing…
  Just Because You Can Draw Doesn't Mean You Can Teach Others How To Draw People
  No matter how hard I tried to copy what they showed me. It NEVER looked Right!...

It was like something was missing. Some secret that separated my pathetic attempts from the
masterpieces in front of me…

I was heartbroken. My dreams of becoming an artist were slipping through my fingers and there was
nothing I could do to stop it.

But I was determined not to give up...

So I decided to go to one last art class… it was there that something changed…
The First Secret Of Portrait Drawing
Suddenly instead of twisted out of proportion images, my drawings started to look like this…
First Portrait Drawing
For the first time in my life my drawings were actually in proportion,
and the facial features actually tied together.

Over the next three years I attended countless art classes and spent hours practicing. Until…
It is these Very Secrets that I have been teaching to my Students for the Last Ten Years…
  It is these Very Secrets that have allowed my Students to Fast Track their drawing success…
  It is these Very Secrets that have launched My Professional Career, and even allowed a few
of my Students to Charge for Their Work…
  So Ask Yourself These Questions…
Have you ever felt stuck… Or that you weren’t Fulfilling your True Potential?
Have you spent hours practicing, But haven’t got the Results you Wanted?
Have you ever found yourself looking at others’ portraits, Wishing You could
draw like that?
  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!
  I Believe All You Need To Create Drawings Like These Is A Desire To Learn And A Willingness To Practise.
Second Portrait Drawing
Life Drawing
Life Drawing
  Yes, I am talking about YOU Creating Amazing Portrait Drawings with ease.
  Imagine satisfaction you will get, when you are able to create drawings you are proud of…
  So Let Me Explain…
  I've Discovered Three Secrets That Will Take Your Drawings To A Whole New Level....
  And I’ll Reveal Them To You Right Now…    
  The First Secret Is…You Need To Master Drawing Each Feature Individually
  The Second Secret Is…You Need To Learn How To Bring These Features Together
To Create A Masterpiece
  And Finally… You Need To Learn To See What Others Can't See
  The Secrets Of How To Draw People
  After years of struggling to draw, I realized...
  Too many people are trying to Master EVERYTHING. Instead of focusing on the few important techniques they Actually need to master drawing portraits.  
  I don’t want you to be one of them…
  Instead of spending years struggling to draw, like I did…
  I want you to Discover the Secrets of Portrait Drawing…. And experience the Satisfaction of being able
to create drawings you are proud of.
  Learn How To Draw People Step By Step
  Learn To Draw People Step By Step Course
    If You Are Passionate About Taking Your Art To The Next Level,
I Strongly Recommend This Course.
  Brian Bakers Figure Drawing      
    Dear Taylor

I really want to thank you for creating such an amazing course, and for all the support you have given me.

Now I have to be honest I did procrastinate for quite a long time before I purchased your course. I mean I have brought several "learn to draw books" over the years, and I assumed that this would be another course that says to practise more. However I could not have been more wrong.

This course has shown me techniques that have made such a difference to my drawings. So please hear me when I say, if you are passionate about taking your art to the next level, I strongly recommend this course.

Thanks again
Michael Green – Paris, France
    The Way You Demonstrate Techniques Makes Things So Easy
To Understand!
  Hi Taylor

It is such a privilege to for me to tell you how much I got out of your course. I have been a keen artist for about a year now, and absolutely loved drawing portraits. The only problem was I was stuck and my drawings just weren't getting any better.

So anyway after a couple of days of procrastination I purchased your course, and have not looked back. The way you demonstrate techniques makes things so easy to understand, and apply.

So thanks again
Paul Phillips - Washington, D.C.
  Over the last three years I have compiled everything I know about how to draw people into one complete resource.
  You will literally watch over my shoulder as I walk you through everything you need to know.
  These are not some vague outdated descriptions. Instead these are Detailed Step By Step VIDEO Explanations, showing exactly what I do to create my Professional Masterpieces.
  All this information has been broken down into Six Powerful Lessons to take you from where you are now,
and help you reach a whole new level.
  How To Draw Peoples Eyes
  Draw People Step By Step Lesson One
  The eyes are one the most important features for conveying emotion. Get these right and your
drawings will literally grab people’s attention and draw them into your art.
  In this lesson we will strip back the confusion, and take a detailed look at exactly what is going on.
  Drawing Figure - Eye
  You will watch over my shoulder as I reveal…
How to capture the TRUE EMOTION of Your Character, with small subtle changes
The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES artists make when Drawing Eyes and how you can
avoid them
My SECRET Method for properly observing an eye. Get this right and your eyes
will convey so much more emotion
How Simple Changes to the iris will Literally Grab People's Attention and draw
them into your art
My SECRET Method for adding highlights, and shadows to the eye without hours
of frustration
How you can Add Subtle Details on the eye without using a kneaded eraser
The SIMPLEST way to Draw the Complicated Folds of the Eyelid. And Capture the
character of your model
Plus - What you must NEVER do when drawing eyelashes. Get this Wrong and you
will Destroy your Entire Drawing
With over 20 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual… You will Master Drawing Realistic Eyes
  How To Draw Peoples Noses
  Draw People Step By Step Lesson Two
  Noses are one of the most prominent features of the face. Located squarely in the middle of your
drawing, it is impossible to hide any mistakes you make.
  Drawing Figure - Nose
  In this lesson you will discover…
The ONE Tiny Detail that literally gives the Nose its entire shape. Get this wrong
and your Noses will always look flat and lifeless
My SECRET Method for drawing noses that practically Guarantees your noses
are always in proportion
How to Quickly Identify the direction of the light source so you can Instantly see
what parts of your drawing should be lighter and darker
The 3 VITAL MISTAKES Amateur Artist make when drawing noses and how to
avoid them
The PROPER WAY to draw the intricate end of the nostril. Without this tiny detail
your noses will never look real
How to Properly Analyze The Components Of The Nose. Get this RIGHT and you
will never have to worry about drawing a flat lifeless nose again
What you must NEVER do when shading a Nose. Get this wrong and you might
as well throw your entire drawing
Plus- My SECRET Method for drawing the tiny details of the nose, Without
spending hours struggling away
With over 15 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual… You will Master Drawing Realistic Noses
How To Draw People Mouth And Teeth
Draw People Step By Step Lesson Three
  Mouths are one of the most important features on a face. They not only convey emotion, but they
also capture your audience's attention. However because of their central location, any tiny mistakes
stand out like a sore thumb.
Drawing Figure - Mouth
  In this lesson you will watch over my shoulder as I reveal…
How I draw my lips both Vertically and Horizontally to capture the True Texture
of the lips
The 3 VITAL Mistakes you must avoid when drawing mouths. Just one of these
mistakes can literally destroy the realism of your entire drawing
How to QUICKLY Identify the flow of the lips. Get this RIGHT and your Mouths
will literally jump off the page
My SECRET Lip Rendering Technique that enhances the highlights and creates a
realistic 3d effect
The one tiny detail that gives your mouths their entire shape…
WARNING: it is NOT What You Expect
Plus - How to Capture the Sparkle of the Teeth and really bring the Mouth to Life in
minutes instead of struggling away for hours
With over 20 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual … You will Master Drawing Realistic Mouth’s and Teeth
How To Draw People Ears
Draw People Step By Step Lesson Four
  With all the intricate folds of skin, ears are one of the most complicated features on the face.
  Get them right and your drawings will look amazing. But get them wrong and your drawings
  look cluttered and out of proportion!
Drawing Figure - Ear
  In this lesson you will watch over my shoulder as I reveal…
My SECRET Method For Rendering An Ear...
Discover how to capture the ear in minutes... STOP Spending hours of struggling
over the details
How to Accurately CAPTURE the inner ear… Start Drawing Ears That Literally
Jump OFF The Page
My PROVEN METHOD for drawing realistic ears…You will NEVER have to worry
about where to start again
Discover the MOST Important parts of an ear that you Absolutely MUST keep in mind
no matter what you are drawing
Plus – How to Avoid the 3 VITAL MISTAKES that Amateur Artists make when drawing
With over 15 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual … You will Master Drawing Realistic Ears
How To Draw People
Draw People Step By Step Lesson Five
  By this stage you will have mastered drawing the individual features of the face. This lesson is
all about how you take the individual features and bring them together to create amazing works
of art.
  You will literally watch over my shoulder as I reveal…
How I use straight lines and reference points to simplify the entire drawing process.
This SECRET alone will unlock your True Drawing Potential
How to properly "Analyze" and "See" Exactly what you are drawing…
This skill alone is one of the Biggest differences between amateurs and professionals
My Proven System for Building Images that ensures they are always in proportion,
First Time, Every Time
My Advanced Drawing Technique; Master this and your drawings will never be
out of proportion again
Plus – Exactly how I layout my drawings so that the entire drawing process is
effortless and flows
With over 40 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual … You will Master Portrait Drawing
  In the second half of the lesson we are going to look at how to master drawing hair.
  You will discover…
The FASTEST and Easiest way of drawing hair that Saves You Time, and Looks EVEN
More Real than hair that others have spent hours on
The “Two Stroke Hair Technique” which brings your hair to life and adds highlights
in a matter of minutes
My Personal “Eraser” Technique…
Warning: if you have never seen this before prepare to get excited
Plus – How you can add MORE Realism to your hair in a matter of minutes...
Without struggling away for hours
  Adding REAL Emotion to your drawings is one of the most important skills that any artist can master.
  All too often Amateur Artists fail to capture the emotion of their model simply because they don’t
understand the basics. This lesson looks exclusively at emotion and defines the subtle facial
changes that express each emotion.
Drawing People Example
  In this lesson you will watch over my shoulder as I reveal…
My SECRET method for Drawing People And Capturing REAL Emotion in minutes
The “Emotion Scale”, and how you can use this Simple idea to ensure that your drawings
always look realistic
What you Must NEVER do when drawing people. Get this wrong and your drawings will
always look fake and cheesy
Plus – The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes amateur artists make when adding emotion and how
you can avoid them
With over 30 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual … You will Master Drawing Expression
But Wait
  Before you get too carried away, I want to warn you that this course is not for everyone…
    If you are the kind of person who buys a course and doesn’t even open it, this course is
not for you…
  If you are the kind of person who expects to become an amazing artist but doesn't even
take the time to pick up a pencil, then this course is not for you…
    But On The Other Hand…
    If You have a Genuine Passion for Drawing…
  You Know What It Takes to be Successful, and Are Willing To Practice…
    Then This Is Definitely The Course For You!
  With Over 3 Hours of Video Tutorials and 6 Detailed Step By Step Manuals I Guarantee That
This Course Will Take Your Drawings To A Whole New Level!
Additional Bonuses
99 High Resolution Life Drawing Photos
  One of the big challenges my students face is knowing what to draw. So I have personally selected
99 High Resolution Reference Pictures so you can practice as you go through the course.
  These Reference Pictures have been hand chosen because they build on each other and will help you
take your drawings to a whole new level.
  These Reference Pictures are the exact same ones that I use in my Sold Out Art Classes!
Free Life Time Updates On Our Pencil Portrait Drawing Course
  When you order today you will get 100% FREE Updates For Life!

That means you can keep learning from this amazing course for many years to come,
safe in the knowledge that you always have our most advanced techniques at your fingertips.
  To put it simply, whenever I come up with an update I will contact you via email with the complete
download instructions…. It doesn’t matter if it is in Five Days or Ten Years time…
  I Guarantee that you will always have the most Advanced Portrait Drawing Techniques at your
finger tips.
How Much Will It Cost To Master Drawing Pencil Portraits?
  The skill of being able to create realistic portraits is a skill you are going to have for the rest of your life…

I am talking about being able to pick up a pencil and create masterpiece after masterpiece as easily as you
sign your name…
  I am talking about being able to create works of art that easily sell for hundreds even thousands of dollars,
like many of my students do…
  How Much Is That Worth To You?
  One Thousand Dollars?...
  Two Thousand Dollars?...
  My students are paying me $150 per hour to teach them the exact strategies contained in this course….
Over $750 Worth Of Drawing Pencil Portrait Secrets
  But here is the thing….
I am not going to charge you anywhere near that…
In fact you can download this entire course… everything I have told you for a mere $77 USD.
  That means you get same information for less than 15% of what I am charging my students!
  I don't think you can get a fairer deal than that...
  But just so you are 100% certain that you are making the right decision...

When you order today we will also include our entire Figure Drawing Home-Study Course as
a Special Fast Action Bonus..
Complete Figure Drawing Course
    I Have Read Numerous Books On "How To Draw" But Nothing Delivered Quite Like This Course  
  Chris Young's Drawing    
    Dear Taylor

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your course. I have been a passionate artist for the last two years, but I had got to a stage where my drawings weren't getting any better. In fact no matter how hard I tried my drawings always looked like a collection of parts instead of an image that tied together.

Well anyway I brought your course to discover how to overcome this problem. Your course simply blew me away.

I mean I have read numerous books on "how to draw" books, but nothing delivered quite like this course. To actually see a portrait being drawn in front of you is something you just can't get from reading books.

But I think the biggest thing for me was to watch how you develop your images. Up until this point I had been working on one facial feature and then moving onto the next, and wondering why my drawings looked like a collection of parts. The way you way of laying out your images makes so much more sense me, and I have already started to see the difference in my drawings.

Now I still have a long way to go, but I am starting to really see my progress and am loving the journey, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating such an amazing course.

Thanks again
Steven Lee - Vancouver, Canada
  In a moment of pure insanity we have decided to include our entire Figure Drawing Home Study Course
as well.
  That means not only are you getting everything you could possibly need to learn to draw portraits.
But you are also getting our entire Figure Drawing Home Study Course as well.
  This Home Study Course consists of Over One and Half Hours of “One-On-One Video Tutorials”
and A Complete Step By Step Manual To Ensure You Master Figure Drawing!
Drawing Figure Example
  Here are just some of the exciting secrets you will discover in this course….
How to draw figures that are so REAL, you would swear they were actually moving
The “3 Golden Rules” that Practically Guarantees your figures are always in proportion
What you MUST NEVER do when determining scale. Get this wrong and you may as
  well throw away your entire life drawing
The “Limitations of Scale” and how you can use it to your advantage instead of letting it
control your work
Discover EXACTLY how to “Analyze” your subjects’ movement. Unless you understand
his vital skill your figure drawings will always look stiff and fake
The Power of Your “Fist Impression” and how to Accurately Capture it on the page
My “Movement Strategy” that literally allows you to capture your characters’ movement
in seconds, instead of spending hours struggling away
Plus – The 5 Vital MISTAKES Amateur Artists make when drawing figures and how to
avoid them
With over 90 minutes of Detailed Video Tutorials… and A Complete Step By Step
Manual… You will Master Drawing Figures As Well
-No Questions Asked-
100% Money Back Guarantee
  Here is how it works… You have an entire 2 months to practice and try out
all the drawing techniques contained in our “Learn To Draw People
Step By Step” Home Study Course.

If for any reason whatsoever, you decide that this is not absolutely everything
I claim it to be, and more… simply send me an email and I will not only give you a prompt, no-question asked, 100% refund…

But on top of that,
I will even let you keep The Entire “Learn To Draw People Step By Step” Home Study CoursePlus All The Bonuses as my way of saying thank you.
  In fact, if for any reason you ask for a refund. I still want you to keep the entire Home Study and All of the
Bonuses as my way of saying thanks!
  To put it bluntly there is absolutely no risk on your shoulders whatsoever!
  I am so confident that this course will help you unlock your true potential that I’m letting you test drive
the entire course for a Full Two Months.
  If you don’t see improvements, or you are not 100% happy simply ask for your money back and I will give
you a prompt, no-question asked, 100% refund!
  No more wasting your time and money on expensive art classes and pricey workshops.
Discover the fastest possible way to master portrait drawing and achieve your true potential today.
  So Let’s Recap Exactly What You Are Going To Get…
Drawing People Course
Drawing People Course Summary
  I understand that my order will be processed via a secure server, and once my order is processed I will gain
immediate access to the entire course… even if it is 2am on a Sunday morning.
  I also understand that I will gain immediate access to The Entire “Draw People Step By Step Home Study Course”
The entire “Figure Drawing Home Study Course” As Well As The Exclusive Bonuses for a low one-time payment
of just $77.
  Finally to PROVE that this is the Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course Available Anywhere,
I understand that I have a FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,
so I can evaluate the course for myself absolutely Risk FREE!
Today's Price: $77.00
Add To Cart
Drawing People Payment Methods
FREE Updates For Life + NO Monthly Payments Or Hidden Fees.
All Major Credit Cards and Paypal Are Accepted. Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
Product Disclaimer: Learning to draw takes time and practise. This course has been designed to assist you in that process;
However this course will not make you a professional artist over night. You will still need to spend time practising or else you won't improve.
  So there you have it…
  You’ve really got nothing to lose right?
  If you are serious about creating masterpieces that amaze your friends and family… You really need to get your hands on this Home Study Course…With the information included in this Course I personally guarantee that you will take your drawing to a whole new level.
  A Couple Of My Students Have Even Gone Onto Makes Some Good Money
Selling Their Drawings And Teaching Other Students….
    I Am Now Starting To Get Students Asking Me To Teach Them To Draw!  
  Steven Harri's Portrait Drawing    
  Hi Taylor

As you know I have been a student of yours for the last two years. Over this period my drawings have developed in leaps and bounds.

In fact just the other day I got out one of my old portraits and put it right next to one of my newer ones. I could not believe the difference in quality. It was like they were drawn by two completely different artist's lol.

Well anyway the reason why I am writing to you is because I am now starting to get students asking me to teach them to draw, I cannot believe. Two years ago I struggled to draw portraits I could be proud of, and now students are asking me to teach them.

So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all the support you have given me over the years. Without a doubt I recommend your classes and any products that you produce.

Your friend
Geroge Clark - Gold Coast, Australia
  So don’t let your dreams of becoming an artist slip through your fingers. Take action today and start down
the road to portrait mastery.
  To Your Drawing Success
  Founder Partner Of
Learn To Draw People Step By Step
  P.S. If you order today you are get the entire "Draw People Step By Step Home-Study Course", All "Exclusive Bonuses", As Well As the Entire "Figure Drawing Course" for a one-time payment of just $77…

Remember you have an entire 60 days to evaluate this course completely RISK FREE thanks to my
No-Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee.
  P.P.S. Remember this course is the exact same information that my students are paying me $300 dollars
per hour to teach them! Click Here To Get This Entire Course For Only $77!
  NOTE: Learn To Draw People Step By Step Home Study Course is completely downloadable and no physical products
will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the download page where you can download all product components to your computer.